Sentry Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of the cloud hosted version of Sentry — the modern error logging and aggregation platform. This documentation covers everything from getting started to how to integrate it with your runtime environment.

If you are completely new to Sentry give the Getting Started a read.


To report to Sentry you need a client integration. The Official Integrations are called “raven” (what is Raven?). Clients exist for all popular programming languages and platforms.

Using Sentry

No matter which edition of Sentry you are using, the basics or reporting and using are exactly the same. This gives you an introduction to how to use the UI and how to configure the clients.

Development Documentation

If you want to extend Sentry, write your own Raven client or understand the internals of the system, this is the documentation you need to reference. It does not just cover event reporting but also management APIs.

This covers the protocol, how clients are supposed to work and some general guidelines.